… And he loved my heart to death.

I can really see God working in my life right now. All the good that has come out of me moving to Arizona , I give the glory to Him. Right after I moved here, I started attending a church and dove into a small group. I haven’t read the bible in years and even though I’ve always believed to an extent, it’s been a lonnnngggg time since I’ve had a relationship with God. Have you ever felt like you belong somewhere? … like even if these people knew what I’ve done, they are still going to love me. So I told them. The ladies in my small group know all about my past drug use and my life before I really knew Christ. And yes, they still love me. I’m getting baptized this Easter, which happens to be 4/20. I can’t say I’ll forever quit smoking pot, but I’ve made a major cut back. It was fogging my mind slightly, unable to see what I’m really capable of. Last year on 420 I was in SF on hippie hill, high out of my mind, and this year I will be confessing my love for Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. I’ve never been so happy in my life. The changes I’ve been through these past few years and what I went through prior to that has really molded and shaped me into being a better human being. I am beyond blessed and I just keep giving thanks, to God, to my parents, grandparents, my siblings, my friends, my co workers, my ladies at church, and to everyone else who has come into or out of my life. Each one of them has taught me something, either good or bad. And one thing I know now for certain is that with my faith in The Lord, I am always loved and never alone.